What kind of help are you looking for? How do you find an editor you can trust with your confidential projects?

I specialise in developmental editing, copy-editing, proofreading, cross-checking, fact checking, and research services. I have recent experience with Veeva Vault for creating, searching and linking references, uploading documents, and creating anchors/annotations.

I am well versed in a wide variety of therapy areas, but have a particularly in-depth knowledge of oncology from my time as a journal editor. If you request developmental editing I can suggest improvements in structure and flow, or any additional material that would add value for the reader, as well as the standard copy-editing checks.

Most of my day-to-day projects are written by professional medical writers but I can also provide language editing, or rewrite to ensure readability for the proposed audience. An example would be informed consent forms   or other patient materials that need to use plain, non-technical language to be comprehensible. If you prefer a straightforward copy-edit I will ensure scientific accuracy, correct grammar and spelling, and consistency and compliance with house style or journal author guidelines.

For PowerPoint or digital projects I will also provide a more aesthetic/design check, involving positioning of elements, consistency of colours, and compliance with the template and branding guidelines. As a former editorial manager I have a meticulous but pragmatic approach as I know timeliness is key! Put simply, I can provide a fresh pair of eyes.

I help clients improve the quality of the materials they produce. Although I love rewriting for clarity and flow I’m always careful to keep the author’s voice. I’m able to spot inconsistencies in figures, tables and references as well as text, in Word, PowerPoint and pdf formats. I cover all therapeutic areas, but specialise in oncology.

The work will be carried out by me (I don’t subcontract) so if the task is outside my skillset I will be professional about it and let you know promptly. You know if I accept a task I will get up to speed quickly and won’t expect you to pay for my time while I learn what to do.

I follow the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading code of practice. When I return the copy I will have added queries and comments if necessary and tracked my changes (track changes in Word, comments or text boxes in PowerPoint, or annotations in PDFs) so you keep control of your material. I am an expert in turning around time-sensitive tasks and meeting or beating deadlines. Discover more about  Projects I have completed or  About me or  Contact me to check availability.